Dr Alexander De Foe

Consciousness researcher

PhD in consciousness – Melbourne based research

With the advent of new neural imaging technologies the hard problem of phenomenal consciousness has become more interesting than ever to researchers. Unlike medical doctors and other professionals psychologists are more so interested in the nature and structure of consciousness — topics at the heart of investigation on this topic.

New avenues for understanding consciousness have emerged in recent years – all of which present unparalleled opportunities in the psychological and cognitive sciences. Grasping at the nature of the continuity of our conscious experience moment-to-moment and day-to-day is perhaps one of the last frontiers of critical investigation into the human mind.

Researchers have proposed multiple models of consciousness from integrated information to global workspace and attention schema theory. But which model best explains the hard question of consciousness - What is it that gives rise to the fundamental quality of "being" that we all experience? Today we have more theories than ever to propose explanations for phenomenological consciousness but do they bring us closer to a unified theory or will they perpetuate new debates and questions?
Example project

Benefits of completing a 3-year PhD program

  • Join a team of philosophers and psychologists interested in answering one of the most critical questions at the center-point of human experience
  • Take advantage of Government-funded places with no enrollment fees incurred
  • Reap the rewards of a truly interdisciplinary doctorate spanning psychology to philosophy and social neuroscience
  • Establish connections and working relationships with teams of researchers across the world including the US and UK
  • Develop well-rounded research skills in quantitative and qualitative analytic techniques

Current projects

Developing a new representative qualia model to account for numerous unexplained variables in relation to phenomenal consciousness, theory of mind, and executive functions

The role of psychedelic substances in altering global consciousness states – bases for modelling and understanding transformative and transcendent experiences

Understanding how parapsychological – or psi – phenomena relates to altered states of consciousness: A transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) study on psi and its effects on the conscious mind

Call (03) 9028 4830 or Skype adf_234

Mail: res@alexdefoe.com

Open telephone consult session for prospective students - at 8-9 am every weekday

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