Dr Alexander De Foe

Consciousness researcher

PhD in the psychology of social media – Melbourne based research

Social media has proliferated our entire world from the impact on human development to the dissemination of high-value information at a Government-level. Social media research has become popularized in many sociology departments around the world, as well as having led to the formation of exclusive disciplines in social media studies.

Despite this, there is immense scope to bring the psychological research methods developed over the past 50 years in order to understand human behavior and motivation in social media use.

While robust models of personality have been established in psychological sciences well-tested models to explain unique types of human behavior and traits in social media use have yet to be developed. For example the social phenomenon of sudden behavioral changes under the veil of anonymity is at the center of the most fascinating questions on how social media both informs and challenges how we act.
Example project

Benefits of completing a 3-year PhD program

  • Gain doctoral-level psychology expertise as a viable alternative to the clinical pathway
  • Take advantage of Government-funded places with no enrollment fees incurred
  • Enter research or industry avenues in business or social media companies post-PhD
  • Well-placed international opportunities for postdoctoral studies
  • Develop a unique skill set in ecological momentary assessment and qualitative analysis

Current projects

Does social media make us more altruistic or more narcissistic? A momentary sampling approach to examining how social media use alters our behaviors in real-time

Bottom-up approaches to personality change in a social media world — which traits transfer to the online world and in which ways is our behavior modulated via excessive online socialization?

The social self avatar: How can our understanding of the social self "online" inform our understanding of self-esteem from a developmental perspective?

Call (03) 9028 4830 or Skype adf_234

Mail: res@alexdefoe.com

Open telephone consult session for prospective students - at 8-9 am every weekday

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