Dr Alexander De Foe

Consciousness researcher

PhD in virtual reality (VR) and human factors – Melbourne based research

Virtual reality (VR) simulation is now applied commonplace from real estate viewings to digital shopping. New companies have even launched in the past 12 months that offer clinical VR interventions with a synthesis of hardware/software solutions. In this burgeoning area of practice psychologists have yet to catch up with the technological implications and evidence-based ways of testing VR efficacy.

There have been 10,000's papers published on VR and psychotherapy in the past half-decade, and over 1,000 just this year. Yet, robust models and mechanisms to test efficacy are still ongoing development and debate among theorists. There is an exciting opportunity to study the theoretical and experimental aspects of VR in Melbourne-based universities which lead some of the most cutting-edge innovations in the topic of study.

Prior research has favored the single-session VR exposure approach due to efficiency and practicality but far fewer studies have examined more intensive or longer-term VR exposure and how this translates to real-world outcomes. There are opportunities to take part in precisely such projects.
Example project

Benefits of completing a 3-year PhD program

  • Viable alternative to an industry/clinical postgraduate pathway
  • Take advantage of Government-funded places with no enrollment fees incurred
  • Strong career prospects in both academia and industry with new small-moderate scale VR treatment and testing centers having opened around Australia in a matter of years
  • Well-placed international opportunities for postdoctoral studies
  • Develop advanced research skills at the highest level

Current projects

Leading edge research on deeper variable analysis to examine efficacy relevant to a number of clinical disorders

Factorial analysis and scale development to measure immersion and efficacy in VR

Theory development on the sociological and technological as well as societal implications of VR/AR on a changing world

Call (03) 9028 4830 or Skype adf_234

Mail: res@alexdefoe.com

Open telephone consult session for prospective students - at 8-9 am every weekday

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