Alex De Foe

I have been an early-career researcher at various institutes since graduating from my PhD in 2016

  • My main areas of expertise are in psychology and philosophy – focusing on the intersect between perceptual integration and altered states of consciousness
  • I'm currently interested in testing models to better understand the entire spectrum of human experience while also considering ways of integrating theory with praxis
  • My scope of practice extends from cognitive psychology to educational and developmental pathways


2021 Lecturer at the School of Educational Psychology and Counselling
Monash Uni

Dr Alexander De Foe is presently a researcher at Australian's top-leading and world 15th-ranking faculty of Education within a specialisation of educational psychology

2016-2021 Industry Fellow at the School of Health and Biomedical Sciences

Dr De Foe was previously an industry fellow and associate lecturer in the STEM College of RMIT University specialising in psychology

2014-2015 Lecturer in the Faculty of Counselling and Psychotherapy
Phoenix Institute

Alex developed the pioneer Australasian subject focusing on melding eastern and western perspectives on self-development

Broader background

Alex's research is situated within cognitive science with a focus on social neuroscience and consciousness studies. His work on altered states of consciousness and the transcendence thesis has won numerous awards including an Original Research Article Award at the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research which he won for his honours research in 2011. He was also awarded the prestigious Parapsychological Association Research Endowment in 2016 to support one of his postdoctoral projects on bi-location — as well as numerous small-scale internal and external grants. Alex has supervised over 10 honours students in psychology and 5 PhD students. He has authored research in leading journals including the Journal of Affective Disorders and Cognitive Neuropsychiatry.

Alex's two favourite teaching areas are in Developmental and Cognitive Psychology. As part of his time at Phoenix Institute he developed the pioneer Australasian course on incorporating both eastern and western perspectives on personality development – with a focus on self-construct as understood across various religious traditions. Taking a Jungian view on "personality mythology" and Self-integration his teaching approach involves asking students to immerse themselves in their own personal life journey as a mechanism to understand lifespan theories. Likewise his approach to teaching cognitive science is geared in a Vygotskian interpretation of Connectionist theories in order to help students understand how abstract neural networks translate to real-world constructs and schema. Alex has also taught more advanced postgraduate subjects on therapist self-awareness in addition to philosophical and methodological antecedents of psychological science as well as mixed-methods research design with clinical testing.

Although Alex is not a clinical psychologist he has been involved in pastoral care and social support roles in various contexts. He was previously a telephone counsellor at the Men's Referral Service as well as a volunteer clinician at Doncare Community Services. Alex completed a counselling placement as part of his training at a St Vincent’s de Paul AOD rehabilitation house.

Dr Alexander De Foe completed undergraduate training in information systems and philosophy at Notre Dame University Australia. From quite a young age he held an interest in exceptional states of human consciousness — often termed peak or transcendent states in modern psychology. Upon completing his undergraduate coursework he pursued a research-track in cognitive science. He graduated with a PhD from Monash University in 2016.

Along the way Dr De Foe has also trained in numerous counselling modalities including solution-focused coaching and narrative practice therapies. He aims to take an empowerment-based approach in his teaching and research to cultivate human potentials in students and clients alike.

As an educator Alex has facilitated over 25 subjects ranging from foundation studies to psychological science and clinical psychotherapy. During his industry fellowship at RMIT University he was co-manager of the undergraduate psychological science programs and coordinator of developmental and cognitive psychology streams. Presently he teaches into the Master in Counselling program at Monash.