Dr Alexander De Foe

Consciousness researcher

Author: ade19

PhD in consciousness – Melbourne based research

With the advent of new neural imaging technologies the hard problem of phenomenal consciousness has become more interesting than ever to researchers. Unlike medical doctors and other professionals psychologists are more so interested in the nature and structure of consciousness — topics at the heart of investigation on this topic. New avenues for understanding consciousness […]

PhD in the psychology of social media – Melbourne based research

Social media has proliferated our entire world from the impact on human development to the dissemination of high-value information at a Government-level. Social media research has become popularized in many sociology departments around the world, as well as having led to the formation of exclusive disciplines in social media studies. Despite this, there is immense […]

PhD in virtual reality (VR) and human factors – Melbourne based research

Virtual reality (VR) simulation is now applied commonplace from real estate viewings to digital shopping. New companies have even launched in the past 12 months that offer clinical VR interventions with a synthesis of hardware/software solutions. In this burgeoning area of practice psychologists have yet to catch up with the technological implications and evidence-based ways […]