Visionary practice and new wave transpersonal psychology

When Nietzsche proclaimed "God is dead", we might imagine that the world as we knew it had suddenly changed, and in some ways, it did. We can see the implications of this statement reflected broadly today, perhaps most in our own personal relationship (or lack of) with the spiritual and ethereal. In the modern world, our … Continue reading Visionary practice and new wave transpersonal psychology

Life as metafiction

Pioneers of psychology such as Carl Gustav Jung brought to our attention the impact of narratives that influence our everyday life at an unconscious level. For example: The archetypal quest of the Hero is a common mythological thread at the centre of many modern novels and movies. There are several common archetypes expressed at a … Continue reading Life as metafiction

A ghost in the Cartesian theatre

The problem of human consciousness has plagued psychologists and philosophers since formal discourse commenced in these fields. William James, for example, spent a large proportion of his career investigating the nature of human consciousness as a basis for human psychology. James thought that if we can understand the source and function of consciousness, we will … Continue reading A ghost in the Cartesian theatre

Digital shamanism and non-physical worlds

I was inspired to write this article after listening to James W Jesso's podcast with his guest, artist Sander Bos, "Virtual Reality and Digital Shamanism". During the podcast, Sander spoke of how art and creative potential can transcend into virtual realms. In his work, he impressively captures artistic worlds in 360-degree virtual reality (VR) as a … Continue reading Digital shamanism and non-physical worlds

New blog

It has been some time since I have written a personal blog. Although I enjoy creative expression, most of my work has involved academic and scientific writing for the prior half-decade or so. As a result, I haven't had much of an opportunity to get involved in personal writing for a while. I hope to … Continue reading New blog