Dr Alexander De Foe

Consciousness researcher


Flourishing of human consciousness

Human development extends beyond the realms of material acquisition into the pursuit of self-realisation. For many adults there is an 'upper limit' to deriving personal meaning from external successes and pursuits. There comes a time when we're faced with an existential crisis and must turn inwards instead.

Psychological theorists such as Abraham Maslow and Robert Kegan conceptualised this self-transcending crisis well in their work. I apply the spirit of these theories in a mentoring and coaching capacity with clients.

Coaching is available in half-hour or 1.5 hr sessions. Please note that I am not a clinical psychologist and the services I provide are limited to consultation and personal coaching only.

Sessions include:

  • Work with transcendent and plateau experiences of consciousness
  • Work with archetypes and sublimated/disowned parts of self
  • Transformation of self-limiting perspectives
  • Self-growth within a psycho-spiritual context

New human potentials

Based on my work with consciousness states I have developed numerous techniques and approaches to work with people in a coaching/consultation capacity -- the methods I employ facilitate an understanding of unconscious and broader states of mind: General mentoring/coaching sessions are available via Zoom online

What is coaching?

The approach I take to coaching is different to traditional Life Coach or life improvement consultants. My approach is grounded instead in the developmental crisis model which suggests that at certain periods as adults we're faced with meaningful transitions and opportunities for self-development.

As an educator in the area of transpersonal psychology for over ten years I bring a psycho-spiritual focus to this inner work.

The aim of this approach is to facilitate personal transformation. This may occur over a brief period or over more intensive inner development sessions. The techniques I apply are always grounded in inquisitive and Rogerian person-centred principles of dialogue-work.

Initial 15-min consult

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Mentoring and speaking

I frequently present at academic and personal development conferences in Australia and internationally. I take a transformative education approach in my workshops and presentations. This focus involves engaging with audiences at a level that transforms not only their knowledge of the concepts discussed but also facilitates their embodiment into the heart of the subject. This encompasses going beyond the textbook knowledge and into the essence of deeper felt understanding.

If you wish to organise a live or online speaking event do not hesitate to reach out.

Commercial coaching - Human perception and attention

Apply the principles of human perception in your business or workplace – Although Gestalt principles have been used in many advertising and marketing campaigns for decades valuable data on human factors is often missed in an ever tech-dependent world

Research expertise

Operationalisation of medium-to-larger size research projects within a commercial or industry context now available

Research consultation can involve anything from methodological design to statistical analysis as well as top-down project conceptualisation and ecologically-consistent systems deployment

Professional accreditation and document compliance

As someone who has been involved in quality standards review and accreditation at various levels I am available for consultation on specific VET/HE or industry-level pedagogical reviews and best-practice guidelines