I offer consultations, coaching, and small workshops for Individuals and Businesses based on my training in psychological principles. To enquire about these services please send me an e-mail using the details below. Normally, these sessions are facilitated Online but face-to-face consultations are also available, within time constraints.

Business consultation

Principles that govern our perception of the world can be harnessed by organisations

Based on my training (PhD in psychology, human perception) I offer consultations grounded in perceptual processing principles and activation of peak mind states.

For example, this can include coaching and consultation around website, business, and human design factors, as well as ecological factors that have a role in how people perceive and make sense of the world.

Principles centred around perception in organisational work:

  • Behavioural expection
  • Mental engagement
  • Flow

Transpersonal coaching

In the past I have worked with people who wish to explore transpersonal topics, which include, but are not limited to, spiritual/religious alignment (as well as recovering from indoctrination), existential meaning-making, major life transitions, optimising mind states and scaffolding peak states, working with psi for personal development, working with dreams and unconscious Gestalts, and self/spiritual integration.

Pandora Star – Light Entrainment consultation

I no longer personally offer Light-based sessions with the Pandora Star, but if you’re interested in a session in Melbourne, please contact my student, Mr Jordan Braye, to enquire.

Mr Jordan Braye
Organisational Psychologist, PhD Candidate
jordanbraye AT

The Pandora Star device is a useful aid to inner work. The light strobe facilitates a minor trance state and offers the chance for guided exploration of content as it arises both at the local subconscious and transpersonal superconscious levels.