Dr Alexander De Foe

Consciousness researcher


Meditation as a basis for state-work

We often take for granted the consciousness state that we operate from on a daily basis. Most people believe that their level of awareness fluctuates between asleep at night time and awake during the day. However, we alternate and hold various in-between states on a momentary basis. Inner state work is the key ingredient of personal development that researchers within the area of transpersonal psychology have investigated over the years.

In addition to the short courses I facilitate on ASC, I also offer one-on-one consultation and coaching on inner state work. These go beyond basic mindfulness/meditation practice and aim towards fostering an existential and spiritual connection with one’s deeper self. I take a personal transformation approach that incorporates the following techniques:

  • Work with transcendent, peak, and plateu experiences of consciousness
  • Work with archetypes, master narratives, and sublimated/disowned parts of self — Group/individualised consciousness
  • Constructivist approaches towards cultivating human potential
  • Transformation of self-limiting perspectives and beliefs within the context of constructivism
  • Self-growth within a psycho-spiritual context that incorporates the value of mystical, religious, and transformative experience

Initial 15-min consult

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Mentoring, speaking, and other services

I frequently present at academic and personal development conferences in Australia and internationally. I take a transformative education approach in my workshops and presentations, which involves engaging with the audience at a level that transforms not only their knowledge of the concepts discussed, but also their orientation towards the subject and their personal preconceptions. As a teacher in the private education, VET, and university-sector, I have had immense success with this transformative approach and this has been reflected in feedback within subjects I have lectured in.

Prior to commencing a career in academia, I ran a successful personal development YouTube channel with over 1 million video views on the above mentioned topics and others.

If you wish to organise a live or online speaking event, do not hesitate to reach out.

Commercial coaching

Apply the principles of human perception in your business or workplace. Although Gestalt principles have been used in many advertising and marketing campaigns for decades, valuable data on human factors is often missed in an ever tech-dependent world

Research expertise

Operationalisation of medium-to-larger size research projects within a commercial or industry context now available

Research consultation can involve anything from methodological design to statistical analysis as well as top-down project conceptualisation

Professional accreditation and proofing

As someone who has been involved in quality standards review and accreditation at various levels I am available for consultation on specific VET/HE or industry-level pedagogical reviews and best-practice guidelines