Are you living YOUR life’s full potential? Request a complimentary Life Scribing Assessment to find out. Life Scribing is an elegant but powerful technique that focuses on identifying key life areas in which you may not be harnessing your total potential. I also offer a number of consultation and coaching services which centre on actualising one’s life purpose and living out one’s ultimate potential. You can begin exploring the entire spectrum of your Self with this unique approach to self-awareness and personal growth.


  • Free Life Scribing Assessment – donation is optional
  • 1 x 60 minute online session: $150
  • 5 x coaching pack: $500 (discounted 33%)
  • 3 x pack e-mail coaching: $100 = 1 e-mail + 2 replies


Bare Trees
To book a session nominate a donation above based on what you can afford and complete the Google Form.

Dr De Foe applies numerous therapeutic methods, but most clients he works with focus on central life issues such as discovering and living one’s full potential, unveiling one’s purpose, as well as developing a deeper spiritual and relational connection.

He draws upon his seven years of experience teaching and working with clients using transpersonal healing techniques, which include shamanic breathwork, transcendental meditation, inner journeying, Life Scribing, and several others.

The ultimate aim of counselling/consulting is to reach a greater understanding of one’s true self and purpose in the grand scheme of life.

All sessions occur online via software such as Facetime or Messenger Video Chat (i.e., Facebook). You can request a complimentary session before committing if you’d like (based on time availability).

“I found Alexander’s professional approach refreshing and I would gladly recommend his services to anyone who is serious about personal growth and self discovery.” – Dr Steve G Jones, Ed.D., Master Hypnotherapist and President of the American Alliance of Hypnotists