Training/education courses now run on an on-demand basis. Please first send an Expression of Interest (EOI) including (a) your interest area, (b) number of participants, and (c) preferred state for 2019. Updated calendars will then be posted prior to March 31st, 2019.

Dr Alexander De Foe has had over 10 years experience in the education sector, having designed, coordinated, and taught degree-level and professional development courses in a wide range of contexts. His view is that the psychology knowledge and skills are most fruitful when applied in a transformative rather than theoretical manner — this is the spirit that he delivers all of his training events in: Learning for transformation through creative exploration.

New courses coming 2019

Prospective courses

  • New constructivism – An intro to the LifeScribing Approach – for enthusiasts/practitioners
  • Virtual Presence Coaching – How to facilitate Virtual counselling interventions – for practitioners
  • Neural resonance entrainment (NRE) practitioner course – The new science of portable TMS for mental and emotional well-being – for practitioners

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