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LifeScribe™ Process in Human Consciousness

Explore the phenomenal ground at the stage of your inner experience!

Each time we dream or practise meditation we traverse the broad spectrum of human consciousness. While it can seem counter-intuitive to think of consciousness 'levels' in this fashion we do navigate a multitude of subtle states moment-to-moment. Consciousness state changes are subtle but can have a powerful impact on us — transforming our personal self-concept. In part the reason people are so much drawn to self-growth techniques is because they recognise the power of state-change work at some level.

Yet the mechanics of navigating altered states are still not well understood. We tend to think of consciousness as 'asleep' or 'awake' but in fact there is an entire world of in-between experiences and trance states that can be harnessed via inner work.

Throughout my research career I have collected thousands of anecdotes of altered states which have illustrated to me the broad potential of exploring our rich inner world. Although in our society we seldom explore that inner realm of thoughts and emotions in sufficient depth we often also neglect the broad range of transcendent and meditative states accessible to us just at that threshold of conscious awareness.

Dr Alex De Foe (talking about the LS process in meditation)

Study option 1: Monthly coaching group

Structure and dates

Meditation-based training opportunity commencing at the beginning of each month

Lock-down-special rate for online enrolment at $360 $240 per month

Before studying psychology at university-level I had a very strong interest in personal self-growth. I had read hundreds of books on a range of topics before I commenced delving into the psychological literature on these topics. I have trained in a variety of coaching-based approaches including NLP and narrative therapy. However I quickly noticed that many of these techniques are 'disembodied theories' or in other words technical processes without a soul.

I quickly disagreed with the constructionists who argue that self-narratives are born of power dynamics and injustice in our world. Instead I think it makes sense to think of the distribution of human potential via the Whole Self – Jung's vision of the mandala as a psychic conduit for human unfoldment. While there are tales that we tell ourselves that limit our personal power – it is rare for people to transcend these barriers by attending a single day self-growth or motivational workshop. That's because the narratives we are tethered to are not merely made up of intangible constructs but arise in lived-embodiment. Students of Carl Jung such as Erich Neumann and Robert Moore recognised this by painting conceptual maps that can be traced to personal meaning and enrichment in our lives.

Additional study options – Live/intensive – are not presently available. Due to in-person training requirements the mentorship and practitioner programs are currently not available.

What is included in the above monthly option?

The LS monthly course differs from weekly coaching sessions. Instead this is a self-sustaining process-oriented program that you can engage with as often or as little as you'd like. Some of the features of the LS course are listed below.

Monthly live 90-min personal session
Monthly live 90-min personal session
via Skype
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Includes a personalised coaching session via Skype each month (value $180). The embedded approach of coaching into the meditation course provides more targeted and meaningful outcomes than isolated once-off sessions.
Weekly e-group
Weekly e-group
via Skype
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Weekly evening discussion group on the concepts in materials/worksheets. Connect with others on a similar journey of self-development via these interactive drop-in and QA sessions.
Unlimited e-mail/chat
Unlimited e-mail/chat
Via skype and e-mail
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Outside of e-sessions you can access information and support via Skype/e-mail chat throughout the week - No limits (within reason!).
Personal resource folder
Personal resource folder
via Google Drive
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Keep up to date with resources and recommended materials uploaded to your own shared folder online.
Worksheet and audio packs
Worksheet and audio packs
Via Google Drive
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You will receive the complete 50 page curated worksheet PDF for the LifeScribe™ process as well as additional special resources and audio packs uploaded from time to time.

More information

What is the LifeScribe™ process in meditation?

There are a lot of mindfulness and meditation courses available around the world. However many lack a cohesive purpose and structure. The LS process is grounded in self-exploration and self-development. It encourages active inquiry into our state of consciousness and exploration of our self nature.

Alex decided to launch this course to make these topics more accessible to a worldwide audience whilst still keeping the format and delivery practical and relevant to students with a broad range of interests. The course is purposefully designed in such a manner that every conceivable question that participants have will be explored fairly and thoroughly.

Who is Alex and why is he running this course?

Dr Alexander De Foe has been researching and teaching about altered states for about a decade. One of his higher-education subjects focused on personality development and consciousness — the only Australasian higher-ed course to date which melds eastern and western perspectives on ego formation.

Dr De Foe has run dozens of online workshops on topics ranging from applied parapsychology to practical meditation techniques and others. He has served as Review Board Member for various academic journals including the Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology. He has had years of personal experience with deeper states of meditation and altered consciousness phenomena both via internally and externally induced approaches.

Graduate students

Information for students who wish to complete a postgraduate research program with Alex has been moved to the research information page.

For those who prefer to complete a shorter course in research-based skills within parapsychology — the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research facilitates basic and advanced graduate certificates in research methods within psi studies

Go to aiprinc.org for short courses on parapsychology

Online group

The Transpersonal Inner Work Group has now moved off social media and I am now running the group via Zoom each month — head to the home page for more information about joining live

The group is open gratis for admission to all — note the join link is currently not functioning on mobile devices (sorry!)

Other training

If you have a group of at least 5 attendees and would like to organise a custom-tailored training event do not hesitate to get in contact with me

Topics of custom events can involve a broad range of content from personal growth to altered state work to transformative education approaches and beyond!