Dr Alexander De Foe

Consciousness researcher


A primer on transcendent states of consciousness

The course aims to balance theory, practical experience, and current research into altered states with a lean towards experiental/practical activities to reinforce the ideas discussed — there are also plenty of opportunities for open conversation and reflection on the topics

Each time we dream, practise meditation, or experience peak states of consciousness… we begin to navigate the broader spectrum of consciousness. Consciousness state changes are subtle but can have a powerful impact on us — transforming our personal self-concept. In part, the reason people are so drawn to such techniques can be attributed to the immense growth in popularity of mindfulness-based and meditation courses around the world.

Yet, the mechanics of altered states are still not well understood. There is an entire world of potential experience between fully awake states and deep delta-level sleep states that often remains unexplored. This course takes students on a journey through the spectrum of consciousness — touching upon all topics from a practical, theoretical, and research-centred lens, with a strong focus on the personal exploration of key ideas.

Topics covered

Structure and dates

50 hour course = 5 hours per module across 3 months

Time commitment: 5 hours per week

Each module includes live online presentations in the form of webinars and live chat/forum sessions that are approx. 4 hrs per fortnight in duration, as well as experiential podcasts, notes, and readings, supplemented with journal activities, personal development tasks, and introspective thought experiments.

The enrolment fee is $75 per module — enrolment in separate modules is not possible as the course is cohesive in format and each module complements the others.

The course is semi-live in that some of the web workshops are only available on certain dates throughout the month, while many activities and podcasts are available instantly upon enrolment. Modules are only possible to access after completion of preceding material. The course takes about 3 months in total to complete which equates to about 1 week per module.

Who will enjoy this course?

The online workshop series aims to balance research and practical applications into altered states. Those who are interested in learning more about meditative states for personal growth will enjoy taking part in the course. Practitioners who work in the areas of psychology and personal development will also find these techniques can be integrated seamlessly into their practice.


  • Module 1: The legacy of James and Maslow — an exploration of transcendent states
  • Module 2: Second wave approaches — from Grof to Wilber
  • Module 3: Third wave approaches — radical inclusion and embodiment
  • Module 4: The constructivist traditions and meaning-making
  • Module 5: A Jungian conception of self-hood — the spectrum of being
  • Module 6: What is the qualia nature of consciousness?
  • Module 7: Scientific research into psi states
  • Module 8: Ecomythology and non-physical worlds
  • Module 9: Somatic integration and altered states
  • Module 10: Visionary practice for a new world

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More information

Why a course on transcendental states?

Alex decided to launch this course to make these topics more accessible to a worldwide audiance whilst still keeping the format and delivery practical, informative, and relevant to students with a broad range of interests. The course is purposfully designed in such a manner that every conceivable question that participants have will be explored fairly and thoroughly. Thank you for considering taking the Primer on Transcendental States course!

Who is Alex and why is he running this course?

Dr Alexander De Foe has been researching altered states for about a decade, since he took a personal interest in OBEs. As part of his academic career, he has taught and developed extensive curriculum in the area of transpersonal psychology at institutes such as Phoenix Australia, Ikon, and ACAP within all levels from VET to postgraduate coursework. One of his higher-education subjects focused on personality development and consciousness — the only Australasian higher-ed course to date which melds eastern and western perspectives on ego formation.

Dr De Foe has also run dozens of online workshops on topics ranging from applied parapsychology to practical meditation techniques and others. He has served as Review Board Member for various academic journals including the Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology. He has had years of personal experience with deeper states of meditation and altered consciousness phenomena both via internally and externally induced approaches.

Graduate students

Information for students who wish to complete a postgraduate research program with Alex has been moved to the research information page.

For those who prefer to complete a shorter course in research-based skills within parapsychology — the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research facilitates basic and advanced graduate certificates in research methods within psi studies

Go to aiprinc.org for short courses on parapsychology

Online group

The Transpersonal Inner Work Group has now moved off social media and I am now running the group via Zoom each month — head to the home page for more information about joining live

The group is open gratis for admission to all — note the join link is currently not functioning on mobile devices (sorry!)

Other training

If you have a group of at least 5 attendees and would like to organise a custom-tailored training event do not hesitate to get in contact with me

Topics of custom events can involve a broad range of content from personal growth to altered state work to transformative education approaches and beyond!