At a given time, Alexander De Foe aims to supervise a handful of PhD, clinical masters, and 4th year honours students completing their studies in psychological science. Dr De Foe is currently looking for prospective PhD students who will complete a 3-4 year research project incorporating technology to further understand the mechanisms of perception and consciousness. (note other projects related to my research interests may also be sponsored).

You must be based in Melbourne, Australia. For admission into a PhD in Psychology, students must also hold a first class honours 4-year accredited degree in psychology at an Australian university (or equivalent). There may be funding opportunities available. Proposals are welcomed throughout the year, preferred before end of financial year, i.e., June.

2017/18 Projects



Currently I am interested in the practical applications of virtual reality simulation to solve real-world issues related to health and well-being. I’m also interested in exploring the determinants of perception and consciousness in VR simulated environments.

Other areas of interest: Light-based stimulation therapies, Transpersonal counselling, Minimal phenomenal selfhood