Core Psi Skills

A Psi Abilities and Competencies Course by Dr Alex De Foe

Dr Alexander De Foe is a Melbourne-based educator and researcher within the realm of altered states of consciousness. In this six-week workshop series you will learn how to apply psi skills essentials to your everyday life!

Self-paced – Requires only about an hour or so per day over the 6 week period to practice
Practical – Rather than sticking only to theory or research about parapsychology each module introduces applied practicable concepts essential to core practice – from $89.50 per module
Research-backed – Coursework designed based on research and evidentiary principles in cognitive science

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Consciousness states

This module invites students into an experiential exploration of personal consciousness and different states of consciousness that can arise. Understanding altered states is an important component of most parapsychology and transpersonal psychology practice.


A Jungian approach to intuition and synchronicity is introduced from a critical and applied lens.

Active Imagination

Techniques to work with the mind such as image streaming and hypnagogic induction are introduced here.


In many traditions the intuited “felt sense” has been applied to study so-called energy points chakra systems and other core energetics (the umbrella label used here). We explore the realm of felt sense and how it extends to ourselves and others.


This module will teach you how to distinguish different sources of mental information that may arise from one’s own mind from exterior levels and/or collective frames of awareness.

Contemplation and meditation

Contemplative meditation prayer and mysticism practice is introduced in a secular fashion in this module.

Alex's prior teaching Expertise

2012 Quantum-Touch Facilitator
Therapeutic energetics

Dr Alexander De Foe was a trainer in the technique called Quantum-Touch therapies which is based on physical and non-physical touch to boost immune system outcomes - It is a viable alternative to more ideological systems such as traditional Chinese medicine and instead offers a theory-free method of human connection and expression.

2015 Hearts in Transcendence book
Transcendental experiences

In 2015 Alex self-published Hearts in Transcendence which is a hallmark for a number of the techniques in the course - The book itself includes 120 techniques and practices around altered states.

2016 Pandora Star journeys facilitator
Light-based therapies

Having experience in trance-based altered states as well as meditation techniques Alex has facilitated dozens of sessions with light-based induction of visualization and psycho-spiritual integration experiences. He draws upon much of this practical experience and knowledge in informing the coursework here.


The author's perspective is that foundational "psychical skills" should be known to everyone. However the coursework is not taught from any religious or spiritual ideology and instead participants are encouraged to experiment with particular techniques at hand. The workshop is grounded in a self-empowerment model to encourage students to gain a better understanding of their emotional and spiritual self.

About two hours per week are needed to fully complete the written and audio material. However to fully engage with the coursework and all dynamic activities throughout the week I encourage participants to spend at least four hours per week which culminates in about 24 hours of workshop activities and material in total for the entire course. Note that course material will unlock one week at a time but you will always be able to access prior material for up to three months from commencement.

The workshop is unique as it is delivered by a coordinator with professional credentials in both applied parapsychology and transpersonal psychotherapy. This unique combination is seldom found in other workshops of a similar topic. Furthermore… although hundreds of hours of material could be selected only the core/essential skills have been refined and included here to maximize personal development and growth.

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