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Consciousness beyond the body: e-book

Open Access – 200 pg. accompanying e-book download on the subject matter we covered:

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Edited by Alex De Foe; Published in 2016 with contributions from Natasha Tassell Matamua (Associate Professor – NDEs in NZ Indigenous peoples), Nelson Abreu and Luis Minero of the Interational Academy of Consciousness, Ed Kellogg, Robert Waggoner, and Clare Johnson of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), evolutionary anthropologist Ryan Hurd, as well as notable OBE authors Robert Peterson, Preston Dennett, Graham Nicholls, Jurgen Ziewe, and NDE author Anthony Peake.

The book is split into three sections: (a) What is OBE?, (b) Evidence for OBE, and (c) applying/inducing OBE.

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Alex's undergrad lecture on embodied mind

Embodied cognition theory and sensory integration models of OBE and related diffusion phenomena

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A more clinical approach to homeostatic disturbances in one's body/self field/matrix

Last time's Meetup preso - Sept 4th on what's psi?

My notes from the group's Sept 4th preso - including slides, definitions sheet, myths about psi, and a one-chapter version of my evolutionary development model to spiritual growth

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Reference list from slides


On the slides 4-7, please read the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry for Consciousness to understand the complexity of the consciousness problem in OBEs.

Relevant to slide 10 (removed due to ran out of time), visit Julian Jaynes’ website for an anthropological perspective on the divided brain.

Visit the Monroe Institute website as well as Thomas Campbell’s work to learn more about focus levels and mind/body split; specifically, around what we mean by ‘real time zone’ or a dreamlike OBE – i.e., referential to Mike’s preso.

For further descriptors of OBE visit the IAC website.

Testing of OBE

Read the AWARE study by Sam Parnia Evidence of OBE. Also visit the Near Death Experience Research Foundation for a full database of OBE/NDE.

Our work on OBE

Our papers can be read in the Australian Journal of Parapsychology – subscription required. A lot of this data is either published or archived – Contact myself or Joyce for more detail.

OBE validation model: First presented at AIPR mini conference – see their YouTube channel for the presentation recording.

Visit the Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium (EPRC) to learn more about or donate toward future studies.

(If you have trouble locating any of these resources, do not hesitate to get in touch and I will be happy to look up and send to you the most recent permalinks to them)