Concept Of Open Mind
Level I Life Scribe Training — 3-6 hr commitment per week across 12 weeks.

Life Scribing is an approach to help you and/or your clients connect with deeper states of consciousness and re-writer their internal life narrative at the deepest levels of Self. It is a method that combines narrative therapy with transpersonal healing that I have developed and refined over a period of over 10 years. There are a few options for training depending on how much depth you’d like to go into with these topics.

Level I Life Scribing covers transpersonal psychology, parapsychology, and exceptional psychology principles over a period of 12 weeks. The course generally balances theory and direct practice 50:50. Time commitments over 12 weeks are cited below.

  • Tier I: Readings and assessments self-paced learning: 3 hrs p/w
  • Tier II: Above + live webinar classes each fortnight: 6 hrs p/w
  • Tier III: All above + Melbourne workshop: 6 hrs p/w + 12 hr w/e workshop

Recommended donation of $200 per tier — enrol via donating below.

Note: Webinars are held frequently, but the workshop only runs once a year, usually towards the end of the year. This course has a flexible start date (you can enrol anytime).


Topic list

You will receive training in transpersonal psychology, parapsychology, and the core Life Scribing Method, which is integrated into the latter part of each week’s topic. The first two weeks of content can be accessed for free.

  • Introduction: Transpersonal theory, research, and praxis
  • Transpersonal psychology as a discipline
  • What is the essence of the soul?
  • Foundational theories: James, Maslow, Jung
  • Modern theories: Grof, Wilber, Washburn
  • A qualia model of consciousness
  • Fringe science: Reincarnation, astrology, ufology
  • Ecomythology: Nature v society
  • Healing approaches: Somatic integration and altered states
  • Human potentials I: Out-of-body travel and non-physical worlds
  • Human potentials II: Psi abilities
  • Conclusion: Visionary practice for a new world

Benefits of completion

Life Scribing has been taught since 2016 at the Centre for Exceptional Human Potential in Melbourne, Australia.

You can take your inner work and work with others to the next level by incorporating a psycho-spiritual dimension into your personal and clinical practice. Unlike other courses into these subjects that tend to centre on beliefs and frameworks, this program is grounded in empirical driven practice and evidence-based approaches to health and well-being.

The benefit of completing the entire course is that you will receive access to a common community space to share ideas, reflections, and questions about the content. You will also be able to submit tasks/assessments and receive comments on these.

You can also register with CEHP after completing the course, which provides a platform for further training as well as professional development recognition.