Life Scribing

What if you saw your life as a book with chapters, that you could actively re-write and re-model?

LifeScribingTM is a therapeutic approach I developed based on the philosophy of deconstruction. Specifically, I apply deconstruction principles to the practice of inner work, in order to remove personality-level blockages and facilitate self-expression which is more in line with one's emotional and spiritual values.

Holistic personal and business coaching

As a counsellor and coach I work with people from a personal empowerment perspective. My philosophy is that when we engage with the psycho-spiritual dimension of human experience, we have the rare chance to arrive at a deeper self-expression and self-understanding. Other therapies are often limited in facilitating this same degree of introspection and inner...

Available sessions

Mind states assessment

Cognitive performance assessment, training, and coaching is available, in addition to mental and emotional balance workshops.

Available sessions

LifeScribing suggests the opportunities and limitations in our lives arise due to the formation of either an empowering or limiting self-concept. Unconscious scripts that guide us towards what we believe is possible, as well as away from what we believe we are not capable of, can have a profound impact on the results we see in life via the lens of our self-image. Often, authority figures, such as those grounded in social institutes, teachers, and parents hold the "Pen" with which we write our lives. LifeScribing takes a focus on re-claiming that personal power and re-writing the internal narrative of Me.

Who am I at the deepest core level?

Doing so creates the mental and emotional space for a more authentic self-image and genuine person-hood to form. I facilitate the process by working with meta-needs and dynamic human relationships. Typically there are several layers or barriers-to-self to work through, including core expectations, social ties at an emotional level, esteem ties at a practical level, religious ties at a spiritual level, and object-relation ties at a relational level.

The approach has theoretical underpinnings in a number of models. For example, the concept of deconstructing and re-building a flourishing self-image relates to the existential traditions (e.g., Gestalt Psychotherapy) and the constructionist traditions (e.g., the Narrative Therapy of Michael White) as well as constructivist approaches (e.g., George Kelly's construct model) which have had a strong influence on the praxis-model of LifeScribing. The approach also incorporates psycho-spiritual journeying aspect of self-expansion in line with the transpersonal lineages of William James and Abraham Maslow. While the influence of deconstructionist approaches can be seen in various modern therapies, such as feminist and inclusive counselling, no other model as of yet has incorporated a depth approach with constructive self-development.

I work with people using LifeScribing...

LifeScribing is a psycho-spiritual approach that focuses on reclaiming our sovereignty and authentic self-expression

For many people, the life that they were born to live is often incongruent with the life others expect of them.

Conflicting Scripts and Stages based on other people's expectations are often replayed in our mind's eye. These are often derived from external rather than internal constructs, or ideas, about who we ought to be, or the life we ought to live.

I offer consultations, coaching, and mentoring with the LifeScribing approach for a number of issues, more commonly: lack of self-confidence, major life transition periods, uncertainty regarding life direction, as well as religious/existential based counselling for those at a transition point in their development. This list is definitely not exhaustive.

Sessions are based online via Google Hangouts, which is easy to use and available on most modern devices, even if you do not use G Mail as your e-mail provider.

Start Scribing now...

The first session involves hexagonal assessment of meta-needs, an evaluation of whether LifeScribing is a suitable approach for you, and an initial plan of future coaching sessions. The approach has been devised to require only a set number of coaching sessions, with the potential for ongoing, less frequent, 'tune-up' sessions. Ongoing long-term consulting is also offered.

As a rule of thumb, the initial assessment is offered gratis, and follow up sessions are via donation, with a recommended sliding scale based on personal circumstances. Please contact me to enquire about this approach.

I teach people LifeScribing...

If you are a practitioner or just interested in learning LifeScribing for personal growth, I also offer a comprehensive training course, a proportion of which is face-to-face or via live webinar. The course tends to run once per annum on a demand basis. You can usually receive equivalent OPD points if you are a licensed practitioner with a relevant professional organisation.

I also facilitate groups about LifeScribing...

Although the monthly free groups I facilitate generally cover a broad range of topics in consciousness studies, there is a strong emphasis on LifeScribing techniques and practice for personal empowerment. Particularly, we take an existential focus on discovering a broader mental, emotional, and spiritual life meaning. Therefore, if you'd like to learn more about the approach but aren't quite ready to commit to a formal training course, you may prefer to join the informal group first.