I work with people online as well as in-person, in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria. I offer a number of services based on exploring and harnessing altered states of perception and consciousness. You can work with some of these world-leading technologies in Melbourne, Australia; or, reach out to me to organise traditional "chair dialogue" counselling and mentoring services.

Ecological and creative relationships

As a counsellor and coach I work with people from a personal empowerment perspective. My philosophy is that when we engage with the psycho-spiritual dimension of human experience, we have the rare chance to arrive at a deeper self-expression and self-understanding. Other therapies are often limited in facilitating this same degree of introspection and inner...

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Exceptional states and inner work

FREE sessions now available in Carlton, Melbourne... Technologies such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) have been around for some time now, but the healing and therapeutic benefits of combining them with cognitive counselling are just beginning to come into the centre stage of research Recent research on targeted wave-forms of light and magnetic stimulation has...

Available sessions

Free trial sessions: Neural resonance entrainment

Neural Resonance Entrainment (TM)

Based on the neural resonance framework, NRE offers an effective means of re-training how your mind and brain works in the everyday. You can now trial the FREE Brain Bliss session which lasts 30 minutes. For complete sessions, over 100 programs are offered, including:

  • General well-being: TMS is arguably the safest non-invasive tool to create instantaneous neural transformation
  • Primed cognitive channels for enhanced function, better emotional regulation, and mood improvement
  • Exploration of numinous states including OBEs, dream-work, and other varied ASCs

Virtual Presence Coaching

A few years ago Virtual Reality (VR) was most well-known for creating immersive visual gaming environments. Now, psychologists and psychotherapists are taking VR technology seriously in terms of its potential to assist with mental health assessment and remediation.

Imagine being able to face your phobias, to practise certain scenarios, and to confront particular events, all in a virtual world. VR technologies now have comparable realism to real-world interactions and are an excellent tool to incorporate into psychotherapies, coaching, and clinical work.

I will begin offering VR-based coaching and consultation for a broad range of issues and solution-areas from late 2018 / beginning of 2019 at the Carlton clinic.


I developed the LifeScribing(TM) approach in 2016 in response to the question "what's missing in constructionist therapies?". In our postmodern world that embraces idioms of 'post-truth' and 'alternative fact', what is the true nature of the human condition, experience, and meaning-making?

Unconscious scripts that guide us towards what we believe is possible, as well as away from what we believe we are not capable of, can have a profound impact on the results we see in life via the lens of our self-image. Often, authority figures, such as those grounded in social institutes, teachers, and parents hold the "Pen" with which we write our lives. LifeScribing takes a focus on re-claiming that personal power and re-writing the internal narrative of Me.

Who am I at the deepest core level?

Doing so creates the mental and emotional space for a more authentic self-image and genuine person-hood to form. I facilitate the process by working with meta-needs and dynamic human relationships. Typically there are several layers or barriers-to-self to work through, including core expectations, social ties at an emotional level, esteem ties at a practical level, religious ties at a spiritual level, and object-relation ties at a relational level.

Footnotes and basis

The approach has theoretical underpinnings in a number of models. For example, the concept of deconstructing and re-building a flourishing self-image relates to the existential traditions (e.g., Gestalt Psychotherapy) and the constructionist traditions (e.g., the Narrative Therapy of Michael White) as well as constructivist approaches (e.g., George Kelly's construct model) which have had a strong influence on the praxis-model of LifeScribing. The approach also incorporates psycho-spiritual journeying aspect of self-expansion in line with the transpersonal lineages of William James and Abraham Maslow. While the influence of deconstructionist approaches can be seen in various modern therapies, such as feminist and inclusive counselling, no other model as of yet has incorporated a depth approach with constructive self-development.

Sessions now available online or in Melbourne.

An initial block of six (6) sessions is recommended for new patients.