I provide individual consultation sessions in Melbourne and online. Sessions are based in consultation within the areas of transpersonal psychology and perceptual principles. Navigate to the below options to learn more about the consultation services that I offer.

LifeScribe unconscious narrative work

As a counsellor and coach I work with people from a personal empowerment perspective. My philosophy is that when we engage with the psycho-spiritual dimension of human experience, we have the rare chance to arrive at a deeper self-expression and self-understanding. Other therapies are often limited in facilitating this same degree of introspection and inner...

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Research consultation

A few years ago Virtual Reality (VR) was most well-known for creating immersive visual gaming environments. Now, psychologists and psychotherapists are taking VR technology seriously in terms of its potential to assist with mental health assessment and remediation. Imagine being able to face your phobias, to practise certain scenarios, and to confront particular events, all...

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Personal empowerment coaching

FREE sessions now available in Carlton, Melbourne... Technologies such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) have been around for some time now, but the healing and therapeutic benefits of combining them with cognitive counselling are just beginning to come into the centre stage of research Recent research on targeted wave-forms of light and magnetic stimulation has...

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