LifeScribe unconscious narrative work

As a counsellor and coach I work with people from a personal empowerment perspective. My philosophy is that when we engage with the psycho-spiritual dimension of human experience, we have the rare chance to arrive at a deeper self-expression and self-understanding. Other therapies are often limited in facilitating this same degree of introspection and inner work. Sessions are facilitated online using Google Hangouts, which is free and simple to use.

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Who am I at the deepest core level?

I developed the LifeScribing(TM) approach in 2016 in response to the question "what's missing in constructionist therapies?". In our postmodern world that embraces idioms of 'post-truth' and 'alternative fact', what is the true nature of the human condition, experience, and meaning-making?

Unconscious scripts that guide us towards what we believe is possible, as well as away from what we believe we are not capable of, can have a profound impact on the results we see in life via the lens of our self-image. Often, authority figures, such as those grounded in social institutes, teachers, and parents hold the "Pen" with which we write our lives. LifeScribing takes a focus on re-claiming that personal power and re-writing the internal narrative of Me.

Doing so creates the mental and emotional space for a more authentic self-image and genuine person-hood to form. I facilitate the process by working with meta-needs and dynamic human relationships. Typically there are several layers or barriers-to-self to work through, including core expectations, social ties at an emotional level, esteem ties at a practical level, religious ties at a spiritual level, and object-relation ties at a relational level.