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FREE sessions now available in Carlton, Melbourne… Technologies such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) have been around for some time now, but the healing and therapeutic benefits of combining them with cognitive counselling are just beginning to come into the centre stage of research

Recent research on targeted wave-forms of light and magnetic stimulation has shown that these new technologies create resonant changes in the sub-structural neural synapses of the brain – producing either depolorisation or hyperpolorisation.

For some time now certain types of Psychotherapy have been thought to lead to permanent or at least persistent neural changes in function, resulting in more positive mood, stronger human relationships, and an overall increase in life satisfaction.

However few, if any, neural-technologies have been incorporated in Melbourne as part of this therapeutic cognitive change process. A person can consciously retrain negative habits or thinking patterns persistently, but more permanent lasting change is seldom seen unless their efforts translate to the Unconscious and Neural levels. The common pop psychology notion that it takes just 21 days to change a bad habit comes to mind — but do we need to target deeper level processes first before deciding to make radical life changes?

Introducing Neural Resonance Entrainment

Neural Resonance Entrainment (TM) – 30 minute free session

I work with portable technologies based on magnetic wavelengths that emulate Michael Persinger's "God Helmet" device — a tool originally developed to produce deep calming meditative and visualisation states of consciousness (note though the work I do has no formal affiliation with Persinger). Similar technologies to that of the God Helmet are now available for commercial use in our ever-increasing tech-culture. These technologies are safe and effective across a range of contexts and applications.

Neural Resonance Entrainment™ (NRE) is an approach I developed to explore the potentials of magnetic wavelengths in activating and re-framing cognitive states. It incorporates a two-tier process: (a) Work with low-form magnetic frequencies that are safe to the human brain and (b) incorporate powerful cognitive changes when our minds and brains are most susceptible to them.

Over 100 different magnetic frequencies produce slight alterations in mental state and consciousness, producing the ideal mental set for inner work and personal transformation

Brain Bliss session

Until the end of 2018, I am trialing free sessions in Carlton, Melbourne to offer a 30 minute demonstration of the NRE process. It includes a basic activation which runs for 10 minutes (focusing on the brain's pleasure receptors), a 10 minute cognitive framing session which incorporates various sensory and perceptual centres, and some time to discuss the technology and your personal goals with this approach.

Free trial sessions: Neural resonance entrainment

Neural Resonance Entrainment (TM)

Based on the neural resonance framework, NRE offers an effective means of re-training how your mind and brain works in the everyday. You can now trial the FREE Brain Bliss session which lasts 30 minutes. For complete sessions, over 100 programs are offered, including:

  • General well-being: TMS is arguably the safest non-invasive tool to create instantaneous neural transformation
  • Primed cognitive channels for enhanced function, better emotional regulation, and mood improvement
  • Exploration of numinous states including OBEs, dream-work, and other varied ASCs

It is simple to book a free session and takes just a few moments to do so.

Or call (03)8820 5395 to enquire

All sessions run at:

17 Grattan street
Melbourne, Victoria


Sessions are safe if not concurrent within a period of more than 72 hours

Dependent on one's focus, a session schedule of 6 initial appointments at one of the following intervals is recommended: 2 x per week for 3 weeks (Intensive), 1 x per week for 6 weeks (Core), or 1 x per fortnight for 3 months (Progressive) — A discount of 1 free session is available when enrolling in a 6-session schedule (5 x 1 hour sessions + initial 2 hour assessment: 25% discount if paid in advance)