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raised in funding for the Veridical Mind Project
Veridical Mind
Trying to understanding dualism phenomena such as out-of-body experiences and mind/body split within empirical contexts. Experiments based on disrupting multi-sensory integration have led to useful insights into self/body integration from the Ganzfeld procedure to more recent work with perceptual cues. The multistage research project provides innovative ways of testing ideas about Cartesian dualism branching from Spinoza's pluralism principle to David Chalmers' hard problem of consciousness.
Transcendental Soma
Most meditation and mindfulness techniques "mentalise" the process of altered state induction but seldom give consideration to the role of the physical body as an embodied and embedded aspect of self-hood. The project aims to apply hyper-scanning technologies to explore social cognition within the context of psychedelic use and altruism. Meaningful links to Metzinger's ego-tunnel theories will be drawn which can help to illustrate the cohesive and affective nature of interpersonal meaning.
Knowledge Cultivation
Drawing upon novel ways of cultivating wisdom and knowledge within cross-cultural contexts for both educational and clinical applications.

Support research into altered exceptional transcendent states of consciousness

There is a real "consciousness renaissance" in modern science with multiple streams of research being conducted into the nature of altered states and embodiment. Most of the funding I have acquired for these research streams have been via pilot grants and community based peer-to-peer support. Any support you or your organisation provides towards these projects will be acknowledged and you can keep on-track with their development on this page and via relevant media publications. Ensure to type the title of the project you wish to support in the comments when making a contribution.

Support ranging beyond Crowdfunding is also eligible for impartial representation on the steering committees for some of these projects as well as eligible for tax benefit via CEHP which is a registered not-for-profit affiliation.