I supervise research projects that examine the determinants of perception and consciousness, as well as the practical applications of modern psychological tools to explore these aspects of mind. If you are interested in becoming a student, I have included some information below about potential research related to these topics.

PhD supervision

I am currently interested in supervising students on topics related to applied psychology – perception & consciousness, philosophy of mind, and the use of technology to explore altered states. Examples of prior projects I have supervised include mental health factors and the rubber hand illusion (RHI), virtual reality (VR) representation of self, foundations of human consciousness, and related topics.

Examples of prior research student areas:

  • A mindfulness based VR practice scenario (in collaboration with Atmosphaeres)
  • Reducing public speaking stress with VR training (in collaboration with Virtual Human Technologies)

Prospective students are normally based in Melbourne, Australia, and hold a 4-year (honours) degree in Psychology from an Australian university.

Clinical supervision (mentoring)

Those interested in learning Transpersonal Counselling techniques to incorporate into their practice are encouraged to join current workshops I am running on these topics. If you hold current registration with the APS, ACA, AHA, etc., you might be eligible for Professional Development (PD) points to contribute to your ongoing education in this field of practice.