We live in an exciting age in which technology and psychology interweave. Our research team is

Supervision of research students is one of my favourite aspects of my job. I am always keen to discuss and explore new ideas related to consciousness and perceptual processing. As an experimental psychologist, I encourage my students to learn the principles of methodological design in randomised controlled trials or experimental studies, as well as, where possible, implementing cutting-edge protocols and technologies into their research.

At present, I am available to supervise students who wish to pursue original research into the topics of consciousness, perception, and psychological health as part of their fourth year / honours, fifth/sixth year clinical master's / doctorate, or PhD degree in psychology.

Call for PhD applicants — VR and cognitive science projects

Object recognition and binding in VR Do you have an interest in exploring human perception, mental states of consciousness, and mental health using the latest cutting edge virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies? Our Virtual Realities Exploration team is seeking additional HDR candidates to join in current projects. Programs last 3-4 years and...

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Previous project showcase

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Do you have a passion for understanding human psychology, as well as pushing the boundaries of knowledge and discovery?

PhD supervision

At the RMIT VR lab we apply various headsets, including the Oculus Rift and FOVE devices, to explore perceptual processing, presence, as well as psychopathology within virtual worlds

If you are interested in completing a PhD in psychology in Australia on the topics I specialise in, do not hesitate to reach out to me to organise a preliminary meeting. Keep in mind the criteria for enroling into a PhD program in Australia:

  • A first or upper second class 4-year honours degree in Psychology OR a master's by research degree (in counselling or psychology) with a Distinction average
  • Approval to study in Australia
  • For Scholarship entry: Normally 1st class honours equivalence and research publications on the topic of focus

How it works: Students are strongly encouraged to contact a suitable supervisor in Australia prior to lodging a formal application to the university they wish to apply for. Normally, a PhD degree in Australia is a four-year commitment, therefore the expectations of a full-time research-track, as well as the challenges inherent, should be discussed in depth prior to enroling.

My current students

As of 2017, I am Principal Supervisor of the following students, who are conducting their research in various sub-fields of psychology, including transpersonal counselling, body-based therapies, perception, and consciousness:

Jordan Braye - PhD Candidate: Melbourne-based research into the PandoraStar high-frequency light-strobe device which produces complex hypnagogic patterns in waking state
  1. Ms Noelene Rose, Clinical Psychologist, is conducting her PhD research in psychology to develop a new transpersonal-based theoretical framework related to narcissism and ego-centrism
  2. Ms Anne Siret, EFT Practitioner, is conducting her PhD research in psychology to assess the benefits of emotional freedom techniques in improving concentration and academic performance at high school
  3. Mr Marcel Takac, Research Candidate, is conducting his PhD research in psychology to explore how virtual reality (VR) simulation serves as a training tool to decrease anxiety associated with social situations, including public speaking and social phobia
  4. Mr Jordan Braye, Organisational Psychologist, is conducting his PhD research in psychology to evaluate the neurological and psychological impact of high-frequency light-strobe devices such as the Lucia Light and Pandora Star machine
Marcel Takac - PhD Candidate: Melbourne-based research into how the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality (VR) device can create compelling avatars that engage one's interaction in virtual worlds

Most of my PhD students have strong industry links in the mental health / psychology field, and provide consulting in their areas of expertise. Please contact me for a referral if you have a personal or commercial interest in the above topics and/or technologies and their applications.