Since 2010 I have taught/developed a number of courses in applied psychology, transpersonal psychotherapy, and counselling techniques at VET, higher education, postgraduate, and private (RTO) level. I have also worked on a number of courses based on my research into embodied perception and consciousness.

At present, I am facilitating Free Admission groups once per month which are based online, on the topic of Transpersonal Inner Work. You can also organise small classes for workshops, training, and development on the below topics:

  • Altered state work
  • Virtual reality
  • Consciousness

Due to the resources required to prepare/organising classes, I am available to teach on the above topics where > 10 students are enroled.

Transpersonal Inner Work – Group

TIW – Free group running each month online

FREE online group which runs once per month.

The TIW group focuses on topics related to transpersonal psychology and expanded states of consciousness. It builds on the tradition in psychology related to the introspective exploration of inner states, perhaps best summed up by what Eleanor H. Rosch called William James’ “mystic germ” in 2002. We cover topics related to peak states, transpersonal self, trance work, and other techniques based on exploring altered states of consciousness.

The choice of topics tends to be thematic and flows on month-to-month rather than having a prescribed or preassigned schedule of content covered.


Date: Last Sat of each month
Admission: Free
How to access: Enrol via the workshops newsletter

As a rule of thumb, the first hour is spent on reflective discourse, whilst the second hour is dedicated either to a guest speaker, book/chapter review, or open reflection.

Transpersonal Inner Work – Certification

For those students who wish to delve deeper into: (a) Psycho-spiritual psychology, (b) Transpersonal counselling practice, and (c) Inner healing and transformation I also offer more formalised training and coaching on these topics. Please send me an e-mail to enquire.