Can Hypnosis Induce an Out-Of-Body-Experience?
Joyce Bok and Dr Alexander De Foe

Joyce and Alex conducted a controlled experiment to see if an Out-Of-Body-Experience (OBE) can be induced by hypnosis. The study also aimed to obtain evidence of the OBE by asking the participants to identify a target. We explored the questions: Can the hit rates be increased through practice and are there pre-existing factors which could enhance the hit rates? Joyce and Alex will present the quantitative and qualitative findings.

Date: Saturday, October 23rd 2021 (AUSTRALIA)
Time: Syd/Melb/Can/Hob 12:00 noon to 6:10 pm
Bris 11:00am Ade 11:30am Dar 10:30am Per 9:00am
Date: Friday October 22nd 2021 (USA)
Time: Seattle 6:00pm Louisville 9:00pm


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