Externally manifest visual phenomena which can accompany the hypnagogic pre-sleep state

​I mostly write on topics in the philosophy of cognitive science. My doctoral work focused on the subjective experience of embodiment, and I have since then investigated high-order processes in perceptual integration and holistic states of consciousness. I also work actively with emerging technologies that shed light on the nature of human perception and consciousness, including the use of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality, Petkova and Ehrsson's body swapping protocol, and others.

Books and monographs

My first book was an introspective work about altered and expanded states of consciousness, titled Hearts in Transcendence (self-published, 2016). I also edited a volume about out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and accounts of body/self separation titled Consciousness Beyond the Body, 2017 (downloaded over 10,000 times), which explores empirical accounts of consciousness beyond the physical self.

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Research papers

As part of my honours, doctoral, and postdoctoral research, I have surveyed and interviewed over 1,000 people who have reported OBEs and states of mind-body dissociation. I have provided commentary on this topic as an Expert Consultant at Monash University, and I have also counselled and worked with people who have had OBEs, especially in...

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I'm currently carrying out numerous research projects as an Industry Fellow at the RMIT University School of Health and Biomedical Sciences and as Lead Researcher at the Centre for Exceptional Human Potential.

CEHP Members:

  • Alexander De Foe, Lead Researcher
  • Gabriel Sereni, Academic Affiliate (VM project)
  • Joyce Bok, Clinical Affiliate (VM project)
  • Mahima Kalla, Academic Affiliate (general)

Online articles

From time to time I maintain a personal blog on this website. I also write for popular blogs internationally and within Australia, including The Conversation. While I mostly write about altered states of consciousness, perceptual integration, and the phenomenal nature of self, I also delve into a range of other applied psychology and philosophy topics.