The scientific study of mind, consciousness, and perception

Hi, I'm Alex, a Melbourne-based researcher and writer who focuses on the philosophy of cognitive science. I work with people in a consultation/coaching approach of cognitive reframing and transformative inner states, which is based on the Life Scribing method I developed. You can find information about this approach and the cognitve assessment services I offer on this website.

On this personal blog you'll find some of my written work, publications, and current ideas. I started my research career in 2011 with the study of parapsychology and altered states of consciousness. I have since then explored various related fields, mostly focusing on the higher-order explanations for perceptual integration. You can read publications I have written on these topics, as well as my personal blog on various subjects via this page.

As part of my ongoing research, I supervise students who are completing their 4th year honours, 5th/6th year masters, or PhD training in clinical psychology. I am available as a supervisor of new projects that focus on the integration of human perception and consciousness. You can view more information about these, and also get involved as a participant in current research here.

To read more about my work or contact me, visit the About page.

Current projects and news

Centre for Exceptional Human Potential

I founded the Centre for Exceptional Human Potential (CEHP) to advance the study into altered states of consciousness involving heightened or expanded perception. Since its inception, CEHP has formed strong international links with numerous associations in the fields of Transpersonal Psychology, Parapsychology, and Consciousness Studies, including organisations in the United States, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

Transpersonal Inner Work Group at CEHP:

Each month I convene a free community meet-up group (online) called the Transpersonal Inner Work group. The TIW group focuses on topics related to transpersonal psychology and expanded states of consciousness. It builds on the tradition in psychology related to the introspective exploration of inner states, perhaps best summed up by what Eleanor H. Rosch called William James' "mystic germ".

Each month we informally cover topics related to peak states, transpersonal self, trance work, and other practices based on exploring altered states of consciousness and perception. You can send me an e-mail request to join the group here.

Veridical Mind Project

How is perception unique during OBEs?

As part of my post-doctoral research, I have been awarded funding from national and international parapsychology research organisations to study the nature of perception in autoscopy and out-of-body experiences (OBEs). This work builds heavily on the findings of my honours and PhD research, which examined the subjective nature of embodiment.

Due to the in-depth nature of this research, VM continues to be one of the major projects I work on. Recently, I have taken a specific interest in the nature of long-term memories related to transcendental OBEs, as well how perception functions in OBEs. You can track updates to VM via my blog.