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Self-Driven Transformation

Optimal consciousness coherence

Self-growth based on pivotal, threshold, transformative states of self-consciousness

Hi, welcome to my website!

My goal is to help people live more authentic lives congruent with their inner values and personal drives… We live in a time when productivity is over-valued and the endeavours of the human spirit undernourished. I have been working with practical spiritually-grounded principles to help people live more authentically in line with their values… emotional drives… and life meaning in all facets of experience. My approach is greatly informed by the humanistic thinkers who believed self-actualisation to be at the heart of all fulfilling human endeavours — William James, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers and many scholars from the transpersonal (i.e., beyond the physical) schools of thought.

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Alex De Foe

Research Opportunities w/Alex

Transformative, pivotal, and threshold states of consciousness

Alex supervises PhD, DPsych, and MPsych projects with a focus on altered states of consciousness.

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Short courses and self-growth



Conscious living

Psycho-spiritual + existential approaches


NLP-based coaching



Lifetime Milestones Developmental stack

Customised from 20+ lifespan measurements a simple assessment and life-trajectory guide:

  • Appraisal of your current developmental goals via a series of introspective questionnaires
  • Guidelines for optimising your current potential and opportunities for self-development
  • Tailored coaching and mentorship as requested

Creative inspiration

Based on optimal mindfulness, peak state, altered mind-state development

Heart-centred relating

Emotion-focused, bodywork and self-relating

Congruent action

Translation to behavioural/cognitive outcomes

How Coaching Works For You

Coaching offers a more focused approach to traditional psychiatric or psychological intervention

The first 20-min consulting session is to see if coaching is right for you. There are a number of approaches in Australia available from life coaching, social work, counselling, and psychology which offer different variations of support. Coaching specifically offers a focused, clear-cut outline towards achieving your specific goals, alignment with personal values, and relationship satisfaction.

The first session is 100% free of charge and if you do not benefit there is a no-risk no-cost guarantee.

Coaching is not for everyone. I’m always happy to speak to potential clients and there is no-stress around committing to ongoing session if it’s not for you.

A coaching relationship is different to a counsellor-client relationship in which there is a treatment regime underlying. Coaching offers a more peer-to-peer connection where we work together towards your life goals, values, and relationship outcomes.

My approach is relational. It is based in the notion that by trusting each other, we can build more enriching (micro) connections with our friends, family, and colleagues, which can extend (macro) into the real-world of culture, career, and creative expression in the lived world.

My training is in Gestalt, cognitive-behavioural, and transpersonal counselling which looks at the whole-person in a broader eco-system.

Several referral and alternative consultation options are available to best assist your needs!

Personal lifespan development

Coaching Pricing Plans

Educational psychology solutions

$ enq
  • Speaking
  • Tutoring
  • Consulting

Coaching via email

$ 99 Monthly
  • 5 messages/mails

Life coaching

$ 225 Hourly
  • Skype session
The map is not the territory
The story is not the legend
The magic is not the mystery

Developmental toolkit


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