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Consciousness researcher

Embodied human development in Melbourne Australia

Self-consciousness and

Dr Alexander De Foe is a Melbourne-based writer and academic. His doctoral work was based at Monash University on the study of whole body illusions and out-of-body experiences. His postdoctoral fellowship centred on research into embodiment and virtual reality. Broadly Dr De Foe is most interested in the modular problem of consciousness and the perceptual binding problem in the cognitive sciences.

Please contact Alex about (a) Guest lecturing/speaking engagements (b) one-on-one coaching/mentoring and (c) research project expressions of interest.

Personal development meetup

Throughout the lock down period I'll be running a free monthly discussion and inner work group on the last Wednesday evening of the month. My philosophy has always been that effective self-growth must be centred in an embodied and ecologically-grounded context whereby each of our steps towards inner well-being are held in both personal and collective awareness.

You can learn more about the approach and group by attending an initial session below:

Consciousness is perhaps the least understood of mental phenomena. Transpersonal psychologists have traditionally engaged with the issue of consciousness via hierarchical representation by levels and via spiral-representation of broader self-schemes. Not enough attention has been given to the qualia nature of conscious experience and how self-awareness is a critical dimension of human development and unfoldment.
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Work with Alex

There are three main ways you can get in touch to work with me. I generally am only interested in forming collaborative relationships and one of the initial question I ask is "what can you bring to the process?". Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me here.
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  • Groupwork sessions
  • Research collaboration – PhD applicants


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