Research into Mind, Consciousness, and Perception

Dr Alexander De Foe is a Melbourne-based writer, neurophilosopher and experimental researcher with an interest in altered and transcendent states of human consciousness. Having a unique combination of clinical and research skills has provided Alex with a rare glimpse into the broad scope and boundaries of human potentials.

New technologies allow us to work with portable TMS devices to explore the affects of induced altered and transcendent states

On this website you can find information about consultations that I offer. I work with a broad range of patients and personal growth clients who are interested in accessing altered states of consciousness for well-being and inner-work. At present I am trialing two new technologies: Neural Resonance Entrainment (TM), and Virtual Presence Coaching (TM) at my Carlton clinic room.

Both technologies have been grounded based on my research work on portable transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) devices and virtual presence (VP) counselling. I have published numerous monographs, compilations, and refereed papers on these and related topics.

Taking an original interest in parapsychological research in 2009, I started to move into a research/academic career with a specific interest in the perceptual binding problem. I studied out-of-body experiences (OBEs), rubber hand illusions (RHIs), and body/self integration at Monash University from 2011 to 2016 as part of my honours and doctoral research. My postdoctoral work from 2016-2019 focused on exploring the nature of presence and embodiment with the use of modern tools such as VR/AR.

Millions of items of the outward order are present to my senses which never properly enter into my experience. Why? – William James

Current projects and news

Transpersonal Inner Work Group

The TIW Group has now moved online! Bringing together personal growth enthusiasts, clinicians, and researchers who have an interest in altered states of human consciousness, the TIW group has now gone international/online. As part of a $55 membership due, you will be able to join our monthly Zoom meetup group, as well as having unlimited access to the discussion forum via Facebook, and access to local events and workshops when these do occur in Melbourne and around Australia.

Veridical Mind Project

What are the determinants of embodiment?

As part of my postdoctoral work I have led the Veridical Mind Project, which is the largest-scale Australasian investigation into out-of-body experiences (OBEs) involving realistic perception of one's physical environments. The original research included 400 qualitative accounts of OBE perception that involved realistic or veridical characteristics.

OBEs are highly arousing; they can be either deeply disturbing or profoundly moving. Understanding the nature of this widespread and potent experience would no doubt help us better understand the experience of being alive and human. – Lynn Levitan and Stephen LaBerge at the Lucidity Institute

This research project, which has been funded by the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research, the Society of Psychical Research (UK), and the Parapsychological Association (US) will produce initial testing results in December 2018 at the AIPR Annual Mini Convention in New South Wales, Australia.


Dec 8th 2018 – NSW: Exploration of High-Realism Veridical Perception in OBEs

One hour lecture delivered by Alexander De Foe at Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research Annual Convention

Venue: North Sydney Community Centre
(The Morton Room, Ground Floor)
220 Miller Street, North Sydney, NSW (rear of Stanton Library; near North Sydney Station) (car-parking, 200 spaces)
Date: Saturday, December 8th, 2018

Jan 17-19th 2019 – NSW: Entropic Brain — Unlimited Mind

2 short talks delivered by Alexander De Foe at Illuminate: Aspects of Consciousness Symposium

Venue: 11 Firmin Drive Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
Date: Jan 17-19th 2019