Alex De Foe

What are the determinants of human consciousness?

Dr Alexander De Foe, PhD, MCouns is a Melbourne based researcher, lecturer, and counsellor who focuses on altered states of consciousness (ASC) at the transpersonal healing axis:

This includes mind body dynamics (which his PhD dissertation was based on), integration of difficult existential, spiritual, and psychedelic experiences, and explorations into the bandwidths of human consciousness.

Coaching / Lecturing / Supervision

As an academic, Alex works at Monash University in the School of Educational Psychology and Counselling. He is also closely aligned with the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research (AIPR), where he serves as a committee member, and the Australian Centre for Consciousness Studies (ACCS), where he is a founding director. He also serves on the review board of Scientific Reports (Nature Portfolio, psychology) and actively proliferates knowledge of ASC and interrelated topics.

He is presently open to supervising PhD and Master of Educational/Developmental psychology projects within this realm and scope – specifically these projects tend to take a lifespan lens on consciousness (like theory of mind, psycho-synthesis, self-authorship, and such). In addition to these research interests, he is an expert in teaching lifespan development and personality, and often consults on these topics at a broad spectrum – from pedagogical development to pastoral care and individual counselling.

(In these approaches he takes a psycho-educational slant on Development of the Person as a mechanism of knowledge embodiment).


Present research projects: Applying repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation to induce extra sensory perception (funded by BIAL: participation open soon) / Cultivating Spiritual Neurodiversity (A teaching project: participation open soon)

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